Increased Competition in the Field of Robotics

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In recent years the field of robotics is mainly focused on industrial environments due to resource and productivity and changing human mind issues. Today’s businesses are facing increased competition and are under pressure to cut costs. They face escalating labour, energy or material costs and are concerned about their business’s environmental impact. Robotics is a powerful tool to address these pressures and sharpen their competitive edge. Robotics has come a long way in the last 20 years, from its beginning in highly structured environments, where native intelligence on the part of the robot was not required. Today, once prohibitive costs in developing on-board intelligence are plummeting, and robots are now gearing up to play a major role in less structured and more flexible manufacturing environments. This journal keeps industry practitioners and academics up to date with new international developments in the field, making it essential reading for anyone wanting to introduce robots or widen their use within their organization.

2.Key Benefits
Managers and engineers responsible for the design, development and application of robots will gain valuable, practical insights into current developments, which can be applied immediately to their own robotics systems.   3.Operation Process

3.1Simulation of Robot Operations
Robot has kinematics to welding guns, grippers and fixtures. Configiure robot paths and check that the paths are collision free and estimates cycle times. Depending on what robot process to be simulated, implement information specific for that process. If desired, calibrate the virtual process to reflect physical conditions and download optimized robot programs.

By simulating your process you can always be sure to have the right combination of robot, gun and fixtures. After all, in virtual reality, bumping in to car parts and fixtures does not really matter.

Geometric simulation enables accurate arc weld robot programs with optimized gun angle against the seam. Also, it is easy to evaluate guns with different swan neck angles for best reachability.

When working on-line it is not an easy thing to program a spot welding robot to weld perpendicular to a surface. With the aid of geometric simulation systems, this is ensured, with improved quality and a durable weld as a result. Evaluating and designing spot weld guns is effectively done in a virtual environment.

Laser technology has made many processes more efficient. Robotized laser applications really deserves state of the art manufacturing simulation technology as a companion. Truly these technologies is for the future.

When programming a paint robot on-line, there are often difficulties associated with where and how to store robot positions in order to get the best result. Off-line programming reduces many of these difficulties. Features such as paint thickness simulation and the fact that you actually see where you are aiming truly help. Consumption of paint, products, and above all time needed for on-line touch up dramatically decreases.

Handling and assembly
Simulation can also be used in robotized handling and assembly operations. The product can be checked in fixtures and grippers and together with other products. Kinematics can be added to products. During simulation of handling processes reachability can be checked and collisions can be detected and provided. Simulation can also be used to optimize the layout by checking the placement of fixtures, racks and other equipment.

Simulation of human operations
Not only robot operations can be simulated, also human operations are possible to simulate. Simulation of human operations is important in an ergonomic point of view. Reachability and accessibility can be analyzed in an early stage of the project, before any physical verification is possible. Different sizes of the human model can be used to point out if changes in...
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