"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore (Global Warming)

Topics: Global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore Pages: 5 (1958 words) Published: May 2, 2007
"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, is a documentary that tells us about Global Warming. As he tells us, Global Warming involves solar radiation, in the form of light waves, passing through the atmosphere. Most of this radiation is absorbed by the Earth and warms it. Then some of the energy is radiated back into space, by the Earth, in the form of infrared waves. However during this process, some of the outgoing infrared radiation is trapped by the Earth's atmosphere and warms it; which in return keeps the temperature at a livable and somewhat constant level. However, the atmospheric layer is now being thickened by the harmful pollution and because of that more of the infrared waves are being trapped and are now warming more worldwide.

Throughout the documentary Gore is targeting the people who want to know about global warming and those who need to make a change in order to stop the current, unrealized harm that global warming is causing. This is analyzed by the way he does his presentation. He performs his presentation in front of a live audience, an audience who is diverse. Diverse in the way that he has presented this slide show in many diverse places such as Aspen, Portland, London, Vienna, Italy, Spain, China, and South Korea just to name a few, and with males and females of every age. Gore also presents this slide show to people who want to know more about the situation. Which in return, we can assume that if the audience is attending his presentation, then they have little or no knowledge about the situation at hand and it is highly likely that they have not done much of anything in order to prevent global warming from becoming a future dilemma.

In order for Gore to reach his audience he uses visuals and techniques. The documentary actually begins with a beautiful, peaceful visual of a flowing river with rustling leaves and chirping birds, all of which start the audience out with an idea of what will cease to exist and what they will lose if global warming does not cease. His visuals are also precise. For instance graphs derived from scientific research yet at the same time they were easy for everyone to understand due to Gore's detailed explanation of each one. An example of this would be the graph he used that dated back 650,000 years. When he presented this graph he explained that it measured CO2 and temperature related measurements. He then continued to explain that when there is more carbon dioxide then the temperature becomes warmer. He is also sure to include the fact that today's CO2 measurement/concentration is higher now than ever before and that scientists project a great and dangerous increase in less than 50 years if there is no change. Al Gore also makes sure that during his speech he uses visuals that have sentimental value and that can also be remembered by the viewers once the documentary is finished. For example, he showed many photographs of deteriorating landmarks across the world, many of which are well known to a majority of viewers even if they have just heard of the names. A specific technique Gore also includes is a story telling technique. He used a story from his past that included a fellow classmate asking if the east coast of South America and West Coast of Africa were once joined together. He ended this story with a comical statement while also stating the answer to his fellow classmate's question. This story telling technique allowed his presentation to appear more upbeat and entertaining to his audience rather than dull with only strict statistics. Last but not least, Gore uses humor as a technique. He does this by including a clip from the Simpsons, a comedy cartoon shown nationwide. The clip involved global warming and was used as a way to explain things in a different way and/or view to people who may not understand fully, while adding a slight humor to the serious situation.

The visual argument was prominent throughout Al Gore's documentary. When he was not using the many...
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