Inclusive Language

Topics: Communication, Gender, Sound Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 10, 2009
Anthony you should know it is very important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forum because this is where you communicate with your fellow classmates and instructor. If you are not using proper words communicating, no one will take what you saying seriously. Anthony when you email, you offend a classmate even when you didn't’t try to. Your classmate said you sounded like a sexist. When you are online classmates only see what you are writing and not your reactions. The three pointers I am going to give you to help you out in you future class assignments is one, never wait until the last minute to do an assignment. When you wait to the last minute you make a lot of simple mistakes. You have to give yourself enough time to sit and think logically. My second pointer is never single out a person’s race, sex, or gender. Call them by their full name, first or last name or by their title. That way words that seems disrespectful will be avoided. Also in your email you address the speaker as a business woman, you could have address her as the speaker. You also said in your email “business man” who wants to move up in the company. I believe that is where you offend your classmate. The last pointer I have for you is the tone of your writing. Your tone should match what you are writing about. You need to take your time and think through the content of your email before you send it.
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