Inclement Weather Policy

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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(Prerequisite: CIS 105 and MAT 104)

Inclement Weather Policy
In the event of inclement weather, consult the Strayer University student website at for information on University closings and delays. Be sure to monitor the website for updates as they occur. Additionally, the student is required to contact me at

Course Dates:

|Term Start Date | |1/7/2013 | |Week 1 |Top of Form |Week 7 |2/18/2013 | | |1/7/2013Bottom of Form | | | | | | | | |Week 2 |1/14/2013 |Week 8 |2/25/2013 | | | | | | |Week 3 |NO CLASS |Week 9 |3/4/2013 | | | | | | |Week 4 |1/28/2013 |Week 10 |3/11/2013 | | | | | | |Week 5 |2/4/2013 |Week 11 |NO CLASS | | | | | | |Week 6 |2/11/2013 | | |

Class Policies:

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes. Should absences be necessary, students are responsible for the material covered during the absences. Faculty cannot grant requests for excessive amounts of make-up material, and they may request written documentation detailing the reason for the absences. Excessive absences make it almost impossible for a student to meet the academic objectives of a course; they frequently cause a student to receive a lower grade, even though, the absences were unavoidable. Strayer University requires all faculty members to take attendance during each class period and to record it accurately on their permanent roster. This data is available for verification of attendance by the appropriate governmental agencies and educational accrediting organizations. A student who is absent from four consecutive class meetings, excluding holidays and emergency cancellation of classes, will be withdrawn automatically from that course. A student will be withdrawn automatically from a mini-session course when he/she misses two consecutively scheduled class meetings. Students not attending scheduled classes will receive zero points for the weekly discussions. Students arriving to class (or leaving class) more than 30 minutes late/early will receive a 5 point deduction for all discussion. Students arriving (or leaving class) more than 1 hour late/early will receive a 10 point deduction for all discussions.

Late Work Submissions
All assignments due for this course are...
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