In Time Movie Review

Topics: Future, Social class, Present Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The annals of history would provide testaments and demonstrations of man’s incontrovertible quest for the Holy Grail of life, that is, immortality. More than the desire for power, or money, or knowledge, or land, time has been a careful witness to the realization of all of man’s aspirations, and his ascendancy to the topmost pedestal as nature’s pre- eminent and superior species, save for one thing. For all of man’s insatiability, it is immortality that he has never fully grasped or understood. Contemplating on legends has driven countless, innumerable lives to the search of articles as the Philosopher’s Stone and the Fountain of Youth so that one may forever live. But with all its promise, immortality is not for us. Indeed, we see a society that is resigned to the fact that one can never be immortal, in its strictest sense. Still, we see people constantly trying to battle out natural forces just to come close to that which we have always hoped, but could never really get.

Coinciding with the genesis of society thousands of years ago also came the inception of inequality, one that has always been present to fashion dyads flashing an obvious, recurrent trend—landed- landless, man- woman, learned- ignorant, rich- poor. How inequality will fashion the decades to come, what inventions it will create, what perspectives it will let us see, what emotions it will let us harbor would be interesting for the student scientist in the panorama of these prospects.

In Time lets us explore the uncertain possibilities the future has in store for us, with the unprecedented progress of genetic engineering. The movie provides its viewers with a glimpse of a future whose science and technology has produced a race whose telomere- shortening mechanisms halt at age 25, whose currency is time, and whose rich gets to become nearly immortal, while the poor gets to live at least one year more, 26. It zooms in on Will Salas, who blames the rich for his mother’s death, and who...
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