In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: May 15, 2013
“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”

In “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”, Delmore Schwartz works with themes of adamancy, negligence and hostility. He portrays this through the mother, father and photographer. Schwartz is trying to say people are indecisive. The mother being closed minded may have cost her the opportunity she waited all her life for. The mother refuses the fathers offer to dine in the finest restaurant but ultimately accepts. “…my mother demurs, according to her principles of economy.” She then gets upset and bursts into tears by the lack of intimacy in the father’s proposal. “…asks my mother to marry him… awkwardly… and puzzled… begins to cry.” To end their romantic night together, she gets a strong urge to get their fortunes told and in result argues with the reluctant father about seeing the fortune teller. “…my mother becomes stubborn, my father once more impatient.” The mother wanted things done her way otherwise she would cause a great deal of frustration to herself and others. The father was deprived of a childhood, therefore he lacked manners. He shows up for a date with the mother too early, making the encounter with her family awkward. “…he has come too early and so is suddenly embarrassed.” He would get upset at the son because the son is emotionally weak and would cry a lot, and that would drive the father back into a childhood phase. “…shout words… communicate my terrible fear… shut my eyes because I could not bear to see what was happening.” Not only did living alone at the age of thirteen make him lack manners, he also gained independency from the experience. “…lived by himself since his thirteenth year.” The father didn’t know the ideal ways of life and this agitated the mother. The photographer is an imaginative character of the narrator’s that resembles the father’s spiteful behavior towards him. The photographer’s perspective of the mother and father is bland and believes their demeanor is not pleasant. “But he is not...
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