How to Be Happier in the Job You Sometimes Can't Stand

Topics: Happiness, Dr. Seuss, Work Pages: 5 (1751 words) Published: March 20, 2013
About the Author

6.Ross West is a highly successful and confident business professional. He has the ability to develop and implement creative strategies and is well known for discovering innovative ways to achieve objectives and overcome obstacles within the confines of tight budgets and deadlines. He is not only a resourceful proactive leader, but also an effective communicator and author of numerous articles. Moreover, he is a designer of Web pages, e-commerce sites, brochures, videos, ads, training and promotional pieces. Dr. Ross West has special interest and experience in helping people achieve greater satisfaction in life and employment. Being a popular speaker, conference leader and writer for years, he has developed keen insight in the area of job satisfaction. Moreover, he has not only benefited from these principles alone but has shared the same with his fellow workers and readers in general. This book titled “How to be happier in the job you sometimes can’t stand” is the result.

About the Book

7.Ross West, in How to Be Happier in the Job You Sometimes Can't Stand, offers several suggestions, which would help an employee improve his life at work when he is struggling. Filled with story after story, Ross West offers ten practical ways to be happier in ones job. The book has a total of 157 pages and is divided into following chapters:

(a)Give your job the place it deserves.
(b)Focus on reality.
(c)Think creatively about your job.
(d)Build positive relationships.
(e)Handle criticism carefully.
(f)Master the tension of stress.
(g)Get organized.
(h)Decide to grow.
(i)Live with balance.
(j)Let happiness catch you.

Summary of the Book

8.The writer starts off by enlightening us with the fact that sometimes we have the kinds of jobs of which dreams are made, or at least they appear to be from the outside looking in. But these dream jobs start looking like nightmares to us. He further adds that life is too short and the time we spend at our jobs is too long. However, he at the same time encourages the readers that the book does not provide quick fixes but would surely guide them towards happiness in their jobs even if they sometimes can’t stand it. Firstly, he wants us to be thankful and to admit that the jobs we are doing is how we pay your bills and make a living. They are what allow us to do the things we want to. He says that the job may not be all that a person wishes it to be, but at least it’s a job and losing it would not only deprive us from financial resources needed for living but would also injure our self respect. Similarly, we should also be thankful for our jobs as they make us support our families who are dependant on us. On the other hand he also says that work won’t bring us all the joy we want, as there is more to life than work. Family members, friends, leisure and rest are also important. Therefore, he advises his readers the kinds of things that refresh and enhance their lives and the lives of others.

9.Ross West admits that we often play the “blame game” and let ourselves believe that all our unhappiness is someone else’s fault, for instance, the way we are supervised, company policy, working conditions, interpersonal relationships and lack of handsome salary. He says we have to take what comes and make the best of it. In support of it, he has quoted Abraham Lincon’s precious words that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. The writer has stressed that thinking creatively about ones job is an important step towards being happier in it. Sometimes we complain that our work is boring, unrewarding and not well paid according to the work we put in, so out of desperation we intend to take revenge by sloughing off on our work, believing that we would attain happiness. This jumping to conclusion is based on crazy logic and thus can’t fetch job satisfaction for us. Instead, we should take positive action to show and attain the...
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