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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction2
2.0 Mega Factors3
2.1 International Element3
2.2 Economic Element4
3.0 Task Factors5
3.1 Labour5
3.2 Competitors6
4.0 Question Number 5:7
Do you think the chosen organization will be successful under the current leader in the future?7 5.0 Conclusion8
6.0 References9
Group Task Report11

1.0 Introduction
Emirates Airlines is one of the most excellent airline companies and the headquarters are located in Dubai. At the beginning of the foundation, Emirates Airlines just lease a Boeing 737 and an airbus A300B4 with the development of the policy. The company expansion constantly and benefit a lot after three years. In 2003, the Paris Airshow, Emirates Airlines announce that they have bought 71 new passenger planes and the total value are 19 billion dollars. It makes the company become the largest buyer. In 2005, the 9th Dubai International Airshow, Emirates Airlines announce that they will buy 42 Boeing 777 passenger planes and the total value are 9.7 billion dollars. It is the largest deal in the world. In 2006, The British Farnborough Airshow, Emirates Airlines signed an agreement to order 10 Boeing new planes and 747-8F passenger planes. The total values are 3.3 billion dollars. In November 2007, Dubai Airshow publicized a historical order form count for 34.9 billion dollars. The first A350 airplane will be placed in operation in 2014 and the Emirates Airlines will become the first company to use it. Emirates Airlines have two advantages lead to success: continued rapid growth and Invariable excellent service. They also have perfect expansion plan and their destinations are all over the world. Prior to now. Emirates Airlines have got 300 international awards. It was also rewarded “The world’s best airlines” by British travel service company. It already becomes the most potential company in the world.  

2.0 Mega Factors
2.1 International Element
Emirates airline is one of the famous airlines in aviation history which began in 1985 with two aircrafts which were borrowed. No longer after that Emirates airline become international and it is one of the best airlines in the world of aviation. No one can deny that There are also some other reasons that I believe make them this much successful in the world. Dubai and emirates are called United Arab Emirates and they tried to developed their tourism and commerce among the countries in the Middle East. One of their plans was increasing the number of passengers and tourists passing Dubai in transit. The second reason is employing the people with different nationality. While the passengers get into the airplane they will find out that the flight attendance who serves them is from their country and has their nationality. The third factor is that the United Arab Emirates airline operates over two thousand and four hundred flights to one hundred and eleven cities in sixty two countries with one hundred and seventy aircrafts per week, that means most countries has at least one flight from Emirates to one of their cities . The fourth factor is because of their prices and services, if we compare United Arab Emirates airline to the other airlines in USA or Europe we will realise that they are cheaper and their services in or outside of flight is much better than Europe and USA airlines. In addition to, each country which Emirates has flight to, has sell office and website and its employees are from the same country so they can help the customers in buying the tickets or if they have any questions about the services in Emirates.  

2.2 Economic Element
Emirates Airlines is the largest airline in the Middle East based at Dubai International Airport. As for 2011, Emirates Airlines was awarded Airline of the Year title by Air Transport World. Emirates order-book stands at 239 aircrafts that has a total value of approximately USD 84 billion. As of the financial year for 2010/2011, Emirates has carried 31.4 million passengers...
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