Topics: Convergent and divergent production, Creativity, Idea Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Improvisation occurs when one adjusts to an unexpected situation. Like the process of creativity, these reactions are not predetermined or planned in a distinct way. (quote?) When spontaneous or unexpected situations occur, one reacts using solely his knowledge and being. Thus improvisation’s most basic form is evident in everyday encounters and interactions (Hodgson and Richards..?) Each day, individuals encounter situations or events that require them to act based on the parameters of the situation. A simple response to a question is an improvisation. However, for innovative purposes, improvisation works as a tool for individuals and groups. There are inherent characteristics of improvisation that remain constant. For instance, it is crucial that rules and parameters are established. (quote) One cannot create an improvisational piece on the piano without knowledge of the different keys and notes. With such knowledge, one can work within the rules of piano to discover something new. Further, improvisation parallels the process of creativity in that it is not predefined and it is heuristic rather than algorithmic. One has a clear idea of a future goal however he is not told how to reach that goal. This approach seems to allow for the most creative expression. (amabile..?). Lastly, improvisation incorporates constant spontaneity. This allows continuous freshness and honesty, which is often unusual. (Hodgson and Richards, 26). Spontaneity disallows hesitation and encourages raw ideas from participants. It appears that these characteristics make improvisation an effective tool; it is increasingly being used in different fields of life. Improvisation is commonly used in businesses, music, theatre, dance, and even in education. It encourages creativity and innovative thought and therefore it is an effective tool for generating ideas and developing solutions in a many aspects of life. It is impossible to consider a single approach to improvisation, like creativity,...
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