Improving School Is the Most Important Factor of Successful Development of a Country

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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It is commonly believed that high quality of education and academic research would contribute to development of a country. School is the very place where education and academic research happened. In this sense, improving school is the most important factor of successful development of a country.

Schools have great impact on developing one's personality. What values are mostly recognized by the society? What character could help people succeed in their future careers? How to treat others as you would like to be treated? How to manage emotions during hard times?. . . Every student could get their own answers to all these questions from school life by interactions with teachers and peers. And the answers lead to a pattern in one's behavior, which is how personality comes into being. Research suggests that students with good personality have better chance to stand out in the future society. Take Chinese president Hu for example, he is thankful to Tsinghua university, where he developed the valuable qualities such as persistence in pursuit of one's goal, sense of responsibility, excellent leadership, all that serve as the key for his success in politics. Nevertheless, a great number of schools, especially those in rural area are in lack of teaching stuffs, and the government financial aids are insufficient to change the poor conditions.

Today, advance in every field could contribute the development of a country. From finance to information industry, from military to construction of public facilities. Those talents in these fields must be trained at school for years to perform their occupations. What's more, many of them chooses continuing education after they've been working for years in hope to catch the most advanced theories and skills that keep them competitive in their field.

Schools are also the platform connecting academic research and social production. Social demand is constantly pushing researches to new frontiers. The scientific and...
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