Improving Production Scheduling

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A. Project Title
“Investigation into Scheduling Systems to improve Production Planning at Sinwa Rubber Industries Pvt.Ltd”

B. Brief description of company background and structure
According to Sinwa holdings (2006) company was established at 1948 when the independence was gifted to Sri Lanka. The founder Mr.Mohamed Abdul Cader Mukthar was a very successful, courageous young entrepreneur. He was the first to set up a venture to manufacture rubber based products like footwear. The technical assistance was offered by Malaysia. Finally the Ceylon Malayan Rubber Goods Limited was established in 1950. The Sinwa holdings (2006) further stated that the factory was established at Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. The starting number of employees was 25. The company looked into more business aspects as they started growing up. This ended up in setting up a fully automated adhesive plant. This made Sinawa Holdings the first to touch the adhesive productions in Sri Lanka. Currently their adhesive product which comes under the brand name “Multibond” had captured the adhesive market and also holds the first position in it. In order to accommodate the business needs of the rubber products Sinawa a state of-the-art footwear factory and office complex was built in 1976 adjoining the original factory.. The organization was restructures in 1995 under the name Sinwa Holdings Limited. And currently functions as Sinawa Holdings Group. (Sinwa Holdings, 2006) When we take the company Sinwa Rubber Industries Limited they produce a variety of rubber products and footwear components. They supply these rubber components for a number of industries. These rubber components include EVA soiling sheets also. List of rubber components manufactured by the Sinwa Holdings are as followings. * Rubber gum boots.

* Rubber slippers
* Rubber machine parts
* EVA Sheets
* Water Rings
As indicated by Cader.M (2010) the production of Sinwa can is done using the B2O strategy (Build to Order). The company addressed mass production orders coming from the consumers. The customer is allowed to customize the product as required. From the above product list their key product is Rubber Gum Boots which has a very high demand both locally and internationally. According to the these bum boots are used in different industries like construction, food, agriculture, dairy, security services and many more. These gum boots also manufactured according to the high international standards and under the brand name “ONTARIO” which stands in a high position in the market. But also they do mass production of rubber slippers for ODEL. The customers of the company can be divided into different industries. This is presented as followings. 1. Agriculture Industry

CIC Agri Business
Other small scale agriculture related businesses
2. Medical Industry
3. Civil Constructional Industry
Sierra Constructions
Access Constructions
Nawaloka Constructions
Thudawa Brothers
3. Other Projects
Hambanthota Special constructions
Richerd Pieris Group. (Arpico)
4. Fashion and Textile
Nolimit –Aarugambey Collection
The competitor’s impact is low compared to other industries due to the product unique factor. The main competitors are small scale business people who import rubber slippers and gum boots from Thailand and Bangkok. But this issue has been controlled by the government because the government has put a CES barrier for the imported footwear. That is the importer has to pay 300 rupees for each pair that’s being imported. So when the important pair price goes up around 2500 Rs. Sinwa provides high quality footwear for 1500 Rs. Since Sinwa operates as a mass production company and has a unique product like gum boots as the key product, they have a good market share in the market which they operates in. Since they don’t have a key competitor in the same manufacturing line. Sinwa has the good opportunity of expanding their...
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