Impression of the Movie“Departures”

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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Many of us felt unease when we got the assignment of watching the movie Departures, which Chinese translation is an occupational title means “embalmer”. It sounds like a horror movie, something about death, corpse and ghost. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a literary movie concerning about death and corpse indeed. It’s a Japanese movie showed in 2008, and earned lots of rewards including the Canadian Montreal international film festival “Grand prix of the Americas” and the Best Foreign Language Film of the 81st Oscar Award . The story tells about a man who was a cellist in Tokyo and yet lost his job for his orchestra was dismissed, without a choice he decided to go back his hometown with his wife. Back home, the man found an advertisement in the newspaper for “assisting departures” and he easily got the job but found out it was actually a job to embalm the dead people. Somehow he accepted it with hesitation and kept it a secret to his wife. There he began his journey of an embalmer, it was difficult and disgust at the very beginning, the first corpse he met turned out to be unbearable. However, as he finished several assignments and witnessed the gratitude of those left behind, he fell in love with his job, and refused to quit when his wife found out and begged him to give up such kind of dirty job. She left and returned after a few months with the news that she was pregnant, hoping her husband would change another job. At that moment, the man was informed that his old school friend’s mother, who was the owner of an old public bath in the town, has died. The man did the embalm work before the friend’s family and his wife, and the ritual earned the respect of all present. At last, through dressing his father’s body who abandoned him in the early childhood, the man recognized the love he had long lost from his father. “Let life be beautiful like summer flowers, and death like autumn leaves. “, Tagore’s poet stunk me as I finished watching the movie. I used to...
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