Family and Strongest Physical Asset

Topics: Family, Marriage, The Neighbors Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Mareng Mensiya
The story goes like these Mareng Mensiya is a mistress of a policeman she had a daughter by him named Mely or Ne as Mareng Mensiya calls her. Mareng Mensiya is a beautiful that why the policeman eventually regret losing her., her thick wavy waist-longhair. Rosy cheeks and tawny complexion was her strongest physical asset. Aside from being the mistress of a policeman she might have been under the care of a doctor prescribing adequate medicines because of her Asthma. As years rolled by a big changedaccored it did in mareng mensiya family her husband died. Mareng mensiya works as a laundry woman for families outside. Mely still enjoying the luxurious life, loafing in their room reading comics the whole day. Ne is her eldest and youngest child that’s why she excuses her from household work. Mareng Mensiya worked so hard and saves well; she sacrificed her own-being to make her Ne happy. Mely early marriage spread in their place what can one do if jobless and cannot go to school but can only eitheir court a girl, be courted or get married. Lion a jeepney driver become the son in law of MarengMensiya and four grandchildren. Mareng Mensiya left in their old place she became the fed but unpaid servant in each household she stayed with. Mareng Mensiya stay in one of her neighbor once in a while mely visited her just to complain” mother Lino did not work for three days” or “mother I have to bring Bong to see a Doctor, do you have any cash?” Mareng Mensiya remained closed to everyone so when she gets sick they don’t have to fetch Mely to bring her mother to doctor and buy her medicines. One Sunday mely with her husband and children enter the movie house after the show the family came to the restaurant which cost them 30 pesos. All neighbors helped in taking care of remains of Mareng Mensiya. They bought the coffin and held a two- day wake. Mely came when everything had been arrangerd. The neighbors took their revenge on Mely. All contributions were given to...
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