Important Skills That Employers Are Looking for in Graduates

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Nowadays there were some increasing demands on working scenario in Malaysia. The Malaysian employers demand for a higher education personnel that can be call as a “work ready” graduates with some adequate soft skills. All of the employers wanted to have graduates that have a discipline-specific knowledge and hard and soft skills; relevant work experience (typically attained a part time job). The lack of soft skills has contributed greatly to graduate unemployment, besides factors such as low proficiency in English, lack of relevance of university majors to jobs available, and lack of work experience (Cruez,2005; Hariati, 2007; Razak, 2005). As of 31 December 2008, the number of unemployed graduates registered with Jobs Malaysia (an online recruitment portal that was managed by the ministry of Human Resources) was 96,448 (Ranjit, 2009, p.6).

The world’s economies are increasingly interconnected through investments, people and ideas, giving rise to a new forms of competition and cooperation, as organization strive for global efficiency and performance (Lang, 2001, p.541). Malaysia also coping with this new era of economic that following based on the worldwide demand on globalization, capital flows and also the stock exchange that had been effecting the economy and the workforce trends. In this new era of globalization, especially in the global market place, the performances will be evaluated by a combination of the knowledge and skills. Various types of knowledge, skills and proficiencies should be imparted to enlarge the view of today’s challenging workforce environment that deals with market globalization (Stock & Hansen, 2004).Nowadays human resources are the important role of boosting the development and the infrastructures of a country because of the impact of the globalization. Moreover, globalization is creating opportunities for sharing knowledge, technology, social value, and behavioral norms and promoting development at...
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