Important Dates About History of Pakistan

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4. History of Pakistan|

| |
30th September 1947| Pakistan become member of UN|
26th October 1947| Kashmiri Maharaja acceded to India which Lord Mountbatten accepted on behalf of India| 27th October 1947| India air-lift its troops to Srinagar and lauched a full scale attack on Kashmir| 1948 AD| First Pakistan India War|

1st January 1948| India took Kashmir dispute to Security council| 1st April 1948| India cut off water supply to Pakistan from two of its headworks, causing a dispute over water| 13th August 1948| Security council called for cease fire in Kashmir, and withdrawl of all Pakistani and Indian forces from Kashmir, and called UN for resolution which both Pakistan and India accepted at that time| 11 September 1948| Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah died| 14 September 1948| Khawaja Nazimuddin became the second Governer General of Pakistan| 12th March 1949| Objective Resolution approved|

25th December 1949| Mian Nawaz Sharif born at Lahore|
1951 AD| First Census of Pakistan|
12th February 1951| Chaudary Rehmat Ali founder of Pakistan National Movement died| 16th October 1951| Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan was murdered| 17th October 1951| Khawaja Nazimuddin became second Prime Minister of Pakistan under Quad-e-Azam's constitutional framework, Malik Ghulam Muhammad became Governer General| 1952 AD| Sindh Tas Treaty (Indus Water Treaty)|

25th November 1952| Imran Khan born at Lahore|
17th April 1953| Khawaja Nazimuddin dismissed by Ghulam Muhammad, and Muhammad Ali Bogra became the Prime Minister of Pakistan| 21st June 1953| Benazir Bhutto born at Karachi|
24th October 1954| Malik Ghulam Muhammad dissolved the Constituent Assembly of Muhammad Ali Bogra and declared a state of emergency in country| 15th October 1955| Iskandar Mirza became the Governer General of Pakistan after Malik Ghulam Muhammad| 1955| PIA founded|

11th August 1955| Chaudry Muhammad Ali was appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan| 23rd March 1956| 1st constitution of Pakistan was passed under Chaudry Muhammad Ali, Pakistan was declared as Islamic Republic and Iskandar Mirza became the first President of Pakistan after implementation of this constitution| 12th September 1956| Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy becomes Prime Minister replacing Chaudry Muhammad Ali| 12th June 1957| Javed Miandad born at Karachi|

11th July 1957| Sir Aga Khan died in Geneva|
October 1957| Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy resigned from premiership and Ismail Ibrahim Chundrigar was appointed by Iskandar Mirza as new Prime Minister of Pakistan| 16th December 1957| Malik Feroz Khan Noon took over Ismail Ibrahim Chundrigar as Prime Minister| 7th October 1958| First Martial Law imposed by Iskandar Mirza and constitution was abrogated, General Muhammad Ayub Khan became Chief Martial Law Administrator, after three weeks, General Ayub Khan ousted Iskandar Mirza and delared himself as President of Pakistan and gave himself the rank of Field Marshal| 23rd March 1960| Foundation of Minar-e-Pakistan layed|

1961| Second Census of Pakistan|
1st March 1962| 1962 constitution was announced by President Ayub Khan| 5th December 1963| Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy succumbed to death| 1964| Khawaja Nazimuddin died|
January 1965| General Ayub Khan was elected President of Pakistan under constitution of 1962| September 1965 | Second Pakistan-India War |
3rd June 1966| Wasim Akram born at Lahore|
6th September 1968| Saeed Anwar born at Karachi|
25th March 1969| General Ayub Khan handed over power to General Muhammad Yahya Khan who imposed second Martial Law| 5th October 1970| General elections which were announced to be held today were posponed upto December 1970 | October 1971| KANUPP starts operation in Karachi|

16th November 1971| Waqar Younis born at Vehari|
22nd November 1971| India lauched attack on East Pakistan| 17th December 1971| Bangal separated from...
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