Importance of Sex Education on the Sexual Awareness of Elementary Pupils

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 8 (2312 words) Published: April 19, 2013

The continuous debate the Catholic Church and the Department of Education on the issue of Sex Education is always a controversial discussion. The DEPED has been teaching sex education before as it was integrated in other subjects like biology ,but this time the church is protesting a specific project of the United Nations Population Fund to introduce the subject in schools. Education officials insist that the bishops have nothing to worry about because the DEPED is open deleting portions of the teaching modules that the church finds offensive. Economists have blamed creeping poverty in this nation of over 90 million on high population growth rate placed annually at more than 2 percent. A third of the population earns a dollar a day, the poverty threshold defined by the World Bank. In Grade V, teaching about the reproductive system is very clinical said the DEPED officials .They have models showing the flow of the sperm cell. Copulation is not there but flow of the egg cell meeting the sperm cell is there. Sex education is not only about physical sexual activity but the totality of being a person. I think it is the right of the students to ask questions as long as they are about their lesson. Effective sex education also provides young people with an opportunity to explore the reason why people have sex and to think about how it involves emotions respect for one self and other people and their feelings, decisions and bodies. Young people should have the chance to explore gender differences and how ethnicity and sexuality can influence people’s feelings and options. They should be able to decide for themselves and what the positive qualities of relationships are. It is important that they understand and how bullying, stereotyping, abuse and exploitation can negatively influence relationships. Sex education aims to reduce the rinks of potentially negative outcomes from sexual behavior, such as unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and infection with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. It also aims to contribute to young people’s positive experience of their sexuality by enhancing the quality of their relationships and their ability to make informed decisions over their lifetime. Sex education that works, by which we that it is effective, is sex education that contributes to both these aims thus helping young people to be safe and enjoy their sexuality. If sex education is going to be effective it needs to include opportunities for young people to develop skills, as it can be hard for them to act on the basis of only having information. The skills young people develop as part of sex education are linked to more general life-skills. Being able to communicate, listen, negotiate with others, ask for and identify sources of help and advice are useful life-skills which can be applied to sexual relationships. Effective sex education are develops young people’s skills in negotiation, decision-making, assertion and listening other important skills include being able to recognize pressures from other people and to resist them , dealing with and challenging prejudice and being able to seek help from adults including parents, careers and professionals through the family, community and health welfare services. Sex education that works also help equip young people with the skills to be able to differentiate between accurate and inaccurate information and to discuss a range of moral and social issues and perspectives on sex and sexuality including different cultural attitudes and sensitive issues like sexuality, abortion and contraception. The chief aim of sex education is to prepare children for love which is equivalent to preparing the young human being for his function as an adult, an education in which a real attempt is made to give each individual the ideals and virtues befitting his or her nature as man or woman. Sex education...
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