Should Sex Education Be Allowed in Public Schools

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Should Sex Education be Allowed in Public Schools?
Sex education in public schools has been a controversial topic for many years and for many reasons. People believe differently on what should or should not be taught based on their own beliefs or their religious beliefs. According to a new poll by National Public Radio, the Kaiser family foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, has found that all Americans but about 7% say sex education should be taught in schools. There are different methods of sex education today. The three popular methods are abstinence, abstinence-plus, and responsible decisions. A long with these methods come consequences of not having sex education and with having it. Should sex educations be allowed in public schools? Yes, it should be. The NPR/Kaiser/ Kennedy School agrees with Brigid McKeon and that sex education should be allowed in schools. Over the years the questions of whether sex education should be allowed has dwindled to a very small percentage of people that say no. The bigger question is what exactly should be taught. The few different methods of sex education is a abstinence, abstinence-plus, and responsible decisions. Abstinence has been the most taught method for a ling time, but it has been proven to not be very effective. Abstinence plus is a newer method and is becoming more popular. Instead of just that the students should stay abstinent, abstinence-plus also teaches about different methods of contraceptives and how they are used effectively and it teaches about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, along with HIV and AIDs. Brigid McKeon and limit themselves to just abstinence and or abstinence-plus, where as the NPA goes even further with a third method. The third method of sex education is responsible decisions. Responsible decisions focuses on teaching teens how to make responsible decisions about sex. Some people think that only one method should be taught, where as others feel...
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