Importance of Setting an Aim of Life in Childhood

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LIFE is too short and time is very valuable for everyone. Unfortunately, many of us waste time in many ways and when we realise that life could be different and could be led in a much better way, it is already too late. It is always wise to have aim in life since one’s childhood-this may be very helpful for one to lead life in a very fruitful way.

Having aim fixed helps one work with all his or her energy. A big ship with a good captain departs the port with the tank full of oil but it does not know which port to go to. Ultimately the ship will be roaming on the sea with no particular destination. That means the ship had all potentials to arrive at port but it cannot arrive there. Similarly, the whole life can be spent but not well spent if someone does not have an aim.

The role of parents, guardians and school management is of great importance as far as setting aim of one’s life is concerned. They need to be very friendly with a child and can show him or her various career options in life and a child can decide for himself/herself which one to choose. They never should impose any particular option that the child should choose. They should never say like: “ No, no….you have to be a doctor” or “you have to be an engineer”. Let the young student decide himself/herself which profession to choose. His or her likings should be given importance. Only in this way, we can expect the best efforts of the child.

If someone has aim fixed in childhood, he or she can gradually prepare himself for fulfilling his dreams. If someone wishes to be a scientist, he should attend the science fairs, read all the interesting articles from newspapers, should know about the life-history of the renowned scientists, should have a own laboratory where he or she will be spending hour after hour, should grow a very calm and quiet mind which is a pre-requisite for any kind of innovation. Such a pattern of life will surely make one a scientist in course of time.

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