Importance of Service Excellence to an Organization

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  • Published : February 4, 2011
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Task one
Service excellence is important to an organisation as it is the key to gaining new customers and customer retention. Any business must operate on the basis that customer service is the most critical aspect to a business’ success as happy customers are more likely to continue using the service provided and more importantly will pass their experiences onto potential new customers. This is becoming even more significant as customers are communicating their service experiences – good and bad – for all to see on the Internet. Customers are more demanding now than ever before; they are cost-conscious, less loyal and have many more competitor choices to compare. If exceptional service isn’t provided they will proceed to take their custom straight over to the competition. Customer service excellence is much more than attentiveness to customer satisfaction. Customers do not want to be merely "satisfied." They want the feeling that the organisation considers their business to be important, essential, and vital to its operation. Providing excellent customer service is one way a small business can distinguish itself from the competition.

Task two
A company's weaknesses are the things it does not do well at or that other companies do better in. Four service weaknesses identified within our organisation and ways to upgrade them are; •Many members of our Sales Office team pass over ownership of calls due to a lack of web knowledge - This weakness could be upgraded by training all staff to a knowledgeable level of the internet and hopefully this will empower the team to answer all web query questions. •Production errors – products are missed out of orders and gift messages are placed with the incorrect gift - This weakness could be upgraded by re-training all our production staff to a knowledgeable level of our product codes and by introducing a complaint system which could address any problems that are diminishing performance within our production department. •Weak Communication due to the language barrier between our multicultural employees. Different languages between colleagues slow down the process of integration, because the ability to communicate is less. - This weakness could be upgraded by improving communications internally through role-swapping and staff activity days for example. This will ensure everyone in the business is pulling in the same direction. •Some of our bouquets are highly priced compared to the amount of stems included within the arrangement-Some of our arrangements contain high - value luxury flowers which increases the price compared to that of some of our competitors. This weakness could be upgraded by including alternative cheaper flowers or by increasing our brand strength which will allow for higher prices.

Task three
Many services may become outdated due to a tendency within organisations to think that planning for change is a non-productive activity which will only lead to increased paperwork. However as the everyday aspects of our lives change continually, an organisation will have to keep up with these changes to remain ahead of the competition. Conventionally in a more product-orientated service, traditional systems had been put in place to improve the quality of a product. Usually this would involve trying to work out what the customer has need of and then deciding how to fulfil these requirements. However, when these systems are applied to the service sector rather than the product sector, they generally do not succeed. An example of an outdated service within our organisation is our telephone service. Due to technological advances, changes in consumer preference, and market forces, the direct order approach is becoming outdated. Our main source of income originally came from direct orders taken by our sales operators over the telephone. However, in this age of advancing technology our customers prefer the ease of using the internet to place their orders via our website. As the...
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