Importance of Securing Yopur Belongings

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Importance of Securing your Belongings

The bachelor enlisted quarters order says it plain and simple. While a Marines room is not in use all his/her personal belongings are to be secured in a wall locker and or secretary. The rooms hatch and head door will also remain secured as well. There are no reasons or exceptions to this for it is an order and disciplinary action can be a definite result of failing to do so. i.e.: writing a one page essay on the subject. NCOs in any command, company, or platoon will or I should say should be setting the example but we have failed to do so as a whole.

Marines are expected to do this for more than one reason I would imagine. One would indubitably have to be uniformity, there’s nothing the Marine Corps loves more then everybody being the exactly the same. Another would be the fact that since it’s a written order it’s unlawful to disobey it. The main reason would be the same reason why that order was put into practice in the first place; you can trust a Marine with your life, but never with your money or your wife. Since a Marines wife is never in his room without him we are obviously speaking of the money that lays hand in hand with that of his/her belongings’ and gear’s worth. The equipment a marine is issued is very expensive and hard to replace, his/her personal effects will more than likely never be reimbursed seeing as he/she failed to secure them in the first place.

I felt like a total failure as a marine NCO for not ensuring that my secretary holding my protein and other workout products along with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich gear. The very thought that anyone would’ve come into my room and steal that is nerve racking and completely unsatisfactory. Let alone the top wall locker that held my worn snorkel gear, a luggage bag, and lawn chair. These are personal belongings that are more meaningful to me then the laptop, Xbox 360, and TV that cost me well over 1000$ altogether. Thanks to my leadership and...
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