Importance of Multinational Corporations

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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Importance of Multinational Corporations
The Multinational Corporations have been observed as the instrument of development in the developing states for example National Petroleum Construction Company NPPC has been awarded contract of laying transmission line in Kuwait. Following are the important advantages of MNCs. Globalization

The first advantage of Multinational Corporations MNCs is that they work for the globalization and went to give global village shape to the whole world. For example, shell works nearly in 132 states of the world that has integrated the Holland, with the host countries because in millions the employees are paid by the shell that simply means that they are the citizen of Holland, because Holland cant not provide here own citizen to all these 132 states of the world. If shell has been closed million employees will become jobless and due to this billion of families will be affected. Thus it means that from only one MNCs (Shell) billion of people are taking advantages and the same is the case of the other MNCs also. Increase world dependency

The most important advantage of MNCs is that it increasing the dependency of world countries over each other due to that they become friends of each other. No war
MNCs also plays very important role in the maintenance of world peace. For example there are a lot of Germany and French MNCs that are working in Germany and French, they will always try to focus on friendly and good relationship and boost their economies. Integration of world mind

One of the most significant role of Multinational Corporation is unification of world mind and have become successful in this regard. Through out the globe, instead of domestic goods, imported products are used. It means that the MNCs have made the world as a global village. Mixture of whole world culture

Due to its comprehensiveness throughout the world, different states of the world i.e. their cultures and civilization have become amalgamated with each other....
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