Importance of Humor

Topics: Laughter, Joke, Psychology Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 27, 2011
rThe Importance of Humor in our life’s.

We are such a different species. We are also a species with a sense of humor. I think the two are connected.

Current research has indicated that humor, specifically to laugh, is the opposite of the stress situation on the body and immune system, so, it’s obvious to me that a sense of humor would calm the stress of new situations.

We were given a sense of humor, the capacity to laugh, for a purpose. It helps us adapt, learn, grow and survive. Taking life too seriously does not allow you to be able to put humor in practice.

Of course, it is possible to take things too easy. We all know the frustration of having a problem that an important person won't take seriously enough. We also know people who handle life like a joke, and never get it together. Actually, this kind of unconscious behavior usually covers fear; the fear that whatever situation or emotion doesn't want to deal with is too heavy to handle.

What I see in real life more often, however, is the other way around. We make a big effort, we promise, we care, and we want to do right. We forget about having fun, relaxing and enjoying, waiting for things to calm down. One of my friends who did community service at a care home told me recently about how surprised he was at how much fun and humor there was among the seriously ill and old patients there. Another friend of mine who worked in a stressful bar found that although the complaints and frustration expressed by the workers needed to be listened to, it didn't need to be taken too seriously. Most of it was drama, to get his or her attention, immature attitudes. Laugh is good for your health; Laugh is a powerful medicine to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more easily to bring your mind and body back into happiness and relax than a good laugh. Humor lightens you, inspires and connects you to others, and keeps you focused, and alert. There’s also a link between laugh and mental health...
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