Importance of Honor Guard

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The Importance of Honor Guard

“At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past."-Maurice Masterlinck. Being a volunteer member of a military base honor guard, there are numerous reasons that require full effort and dedication. It is important that we, ceremonial guardsmen, strive to stay true to the creed put forth for us. Respect, integrity, inspiration, professionalism and tradition are key to being an effective member of the honor guard. Millions of men and women have served in the armed forces before me and millions more will serve after. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice; some lost and captured, others received wounds, physically and or emotionally, and that time itself cannot heal. They put it all on the line for this free country. The men and women of the services are the only reasons why the United States of America is a free and powerful nation. How can you not respect the people that fought and are fighting to keep this nation free? Many people complain about working long hours, not getting enough sleep, taking care of their children etc. Deployed soldiers may and can work for days on end. They don’t even know when they will receive food, yet again to have the time to eat it. Some are gone at the birth of their child and some never even get to meet them. As our fallen warriors come home, the least anyone should do is show respect to them and their mourning family and friends. No matter active duty, retiree or veteran, they deserve the uppermost respect from all. Honor guard members are present at veteran funerals upon request to provide honor and to give our condolences from the president, the military department and our nation for their duties and sacrifices made throughout their military career. Having the opportunity to contribute back to them and their families is a great honor that I extremely respect. There are multiple duties a ceremonial guardsman can perform which require...
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