Importance of Grooming in Personal Life and Professional Life

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Selina Nargis
Course Teacher of ART
International University of Business Agriculture & Technology [pic]


Salma Houq
Id – 1302270
Section – E
Program – BBA

Date of submission- 2nd February, 2013


Dress code is a standard which is determined by the organization for the employers. Without an organization dress code is also need due to show a standard of life style. We measure a person’s status or personality through his or her dress code. Dress code can be formal and can be informal.

If it is talking about organization’s dress code than I can say, it should be cultured and clean. We must aware about formal dress code because of we are representing our organization to all over.

When we go to for an interview we have to follow the dress code of that organization. At first, organization looking for well groomed person then, they see academic qualification. If academic qualification is good but candidates are not well groomed then they don not select for the job.

In different organization maintain different kind of dress code. Now, I discuss about various type of dress code of various organization and benefits of that.

Organizational dress code made by the organizations demand. Employee must wear them. If it is an industry where laborer works, they have a specific dress of labor. Some organization keeps dress code for their driver, cleaner and peon. As a result of dress code organization looks good.

Doctors and Advocate use a specific dress while they are in their duty. For their dress code, we confirmed who they are. Wearing the dress they are presenting their profession.

All kind of duty of defense use specific dress code. Police, navy, air force, army person wear that dress on duty. That’s why we know who they are and what is their duty. We can get their help when we need.

When we see the...
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