Importance of Geometry

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Importance People should learn geometry because now of days geometry is the one of the most practical section of mathematics; it provides useful information for many jobs like construction engineering. When making the different shapes for construction engineering you need to make sure that they are accurate and also scaled and by learning geometry you can do just that, also many other engineering jobs require you to draw geometric figures by hand. If you do happen to have a job that requires drawing geometric figures by hand, then you can always easily check your measurements and angles easily by hand. Since now of days a lot of engineering work is done all on the computer. Don’t get me wrong that makes things very easy but you are also more susceptible to mistakes when typing in a wrong number for your measurements. Also there are many risks to doing all of your work on the computer, like a computer crash that erases all you data or if you have a virus and there are constant glitches on your computer, then your work can be seriously flawed. Even if you happen to overcome all of those risks there is also one very important unavoidable risk, when you do not have access to your computer. So when you do not have access to a computer to do your work then the only thing left to do is do it the old fashioned way by a compass and a ruler. So if your computer is inoperable or you simply do not have access to a computer then you are going to have to use the geometry skills you have learned to get the job done correctly, granted it may take a while but it will be done correctly.