Importance of Corporate Security

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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In the corporate world, security is very important. Large corporations generally have to protect themselves from competitors, hackers, and other outside sources that could pose a threat to both them and their customers. A breach in security can destroy a customer’s loyalty in the company, also causing the customer an enormous amount of trouble especially if it involves a theft of identity or other personal information.

A security breach is the result of a failure in the design and implementation of an organization’s systems or procedure (MacKinnon, 2008). In order to create a method to protect confidential information you first have to identify what exactly you’re protecting. Valuable information that should under all circumstances remain confidential is customer databases, business plans, accounting systems, and human resources database and administration passwords. Security should be based on a system of authentication, authorization, and access control. To ensure confidentiality of any corporation a security system must be designed and tested from day one. Before you can manage security you have to have a way to measure its effectiveness (Importance of Corporate Security Policy). Compare other corporation’s systems with the one you’re creating, using that as your baseline to set your overall goal. Your overall goal is for your method to have assurance, which is the level of guarantee that a security system will behave as expected (Security, 2009 ). Meaning the system must be prepared for any threat and able to stop the threat in multiple ways. Vulnerabilities unfortunately exist, creating the need for a security system imperative. Computer criminals, or commonly known as hackers pose a large threat to corporations big and small. Hackers find holes in the security, exploiting valuable information about a corporation or customer. Hackers go through the system, falsifying the database, making it difficult for companies to keep accurate records...
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