Securing the Enterprise and Business Continuity

Topics: Management, Business continuity planning, Data management Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: April 25, 2011
TOPIC: Securing the Enterprise and Business Continuity


Despite the fact that most applications undergo security assessments they remain insecure and have quickly become a popular avenue of attack for cybercriminals looking to profit from your organization’s sensitive data.

One of the major issues contributing to poor application security is directly related to sheer number of ways an application’s security can be assessed, making finding the right type of assessment for your specific security needs a difficult proposition. The right log management tool can go a long way toward reducing the burden of managing enterprise system log data. However, the right tool can quickly become the wrong tool unless an organization invests the time and effort required to make the most of it.

As technology integrates into every aspect of business practices, digital information protection becomes of the utmost importance. Businesses must protect against phishing, scamming and skimming, Given the progressively shorter lifespan of these assets, coupled with larger storage capacities, IT assets tend to hold confidential business data beyond the end of their useful life. The key to an effective business sanitization practice is consistency and effectiveness testing. Whatever sanitization policy a business adopts, it needs to periodically test the effectiveness of its data-scrubbing technologies and processes. In most cases, this will mean manually deleting files, then restoring back to factory default. Critical data must be protected from today's cyber attacks that are growing more frequent, insidious and damaging.

I.T governance approaches in organizations today are often plagued by critical gaps. At a technical level, there appears to be a nagging disconnect between business and technology users' understanding of key business concepts needed to achieve effective enterprise-wide data governance. Business leaders understand that the data their organizations...
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