Importance of Communating Quality Data

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This paper is talking about communication and the importance of communicating quality data and example of communicating data within a company. Communication is the medium or the process by which one can convey or express his or her thoughts, views and feelings. Whatever the mode of communication, the effectiveness of the communication is very important for the success of an individual or a team. Ineffective or bad communication is equivalent to not exhibiting opinions. The key factor for success is communication, especially effective communication. Communication can be of 5 types in nature, which are written, oral, verbal, electronic and non-verbal communication. Why is effective communication important as well as to how does communication help in achieving success? 1. Communication will help strength relationships and will improve bonding among the people in a team or organization. The more you communicate openly and frankly, the listener will tend to build his levels of comfort and confidence in you. Once the confidence level increases among the team members, the goal turns into a common one and thus can be easily achieved. 2. Effective communication will prevent many misunderstandings in general. Assumption is a major adversity as many people tend to think that others know what they are thinking. But when opinions clash, it turns into misunderstandings and conflicts. Such problems can be resolved by taking time to convey across thoughts and feelings in an accurate manner. Thus communicating is important so as to make sure that everyone is in synchronization to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. 3. It is a must that important decisions and factors are documented for reference in future. This kind of written communication can be held as a proof for future use. Also such kind of documentation helps in keeping the team...
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