Importance of Chemistry

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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The importance of chemistry, or any other area of study, depends entirely on how relevant it is to some desired outcome. If you wished to create a new type of plastic, chemistry would be highly important, but if you wished to develop a new music genre, chemistry would probably be of no importance at all. It is extremely important. That aspirin or tylenol you may take for a headache was made by chemists, as are antibiotics, and other prescription meds. Not only are chemists in the drug trade, but they also use chemists for areas in petroleum refineries, maybe your municipal water plant, food processing plants, sewage treatment facilities, ect. Chemistry is all around us and we never realize it. Best of luck to you. Without chemistry, there would be no chemicals and no chemical bonds - so without it you'd be a pool of constituent elements and not able to ask daft questions like this one. Chemistry is essentially a science which involves reactions between two or more reactants which may be in different or the same phase based on certain it helps us to understand the properties of thse substances, their importance,how they are formed and thir composition.This knowledge can in turn help in various praif you know the basis of how things work , you can make better things to suit your needs, chemistry is important for medcine, that is te knolege of how to save a life- that important ctical applications practical applications...

So you;ll know why you shouldn't substitute rat poison for the diazinone.

Organic chemistry, the chemistry of carbon compounds, is the foundation and basis of biochemistry, from which all of pharmacology derives. Organic chemistry is the path to understanding the chemical basis of life. Do not underestimate its importance. Ideally, so you would recognize families of drugs that have the same mode of action. I am going to stretch this a bit also. Once a drug becomes approved, it is not unusual for that drug or...
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