Implementing Sap R/3 at the University of Nebraska

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Implementing SAP R/3 at the University of Nebraska
Tim Sieber
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Keng Siau
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Fiona Nah
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Michelle Sieber
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Tim Sieber Keng Siau Fiona Nah Michelle Sieber College of Business Administration University of Nebraska–Lincoln U.S.A.

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May 1996 University of Nebraska Faculty and Staff University of Nebraska President L. Dennis Smith

In April 1995, I asked four Nebraskans from the private sector and four senior people of the University to review the administrative processes of the University of Nebraska. In the appointment letter for this Task Force, I noted that many current administrative processes need to be examined to improve quality and productivity. The Task Force completed their work in August 1995 and made several recommendations. One of these recommendations addresses administrative systems directly: • Unify the management of computing and information technology through integrated networking, articulating an enterprise information architecture formation for one administrative systems network, and the implementation of state-of-the-art administrative systems.

The University’s Strategic Framework incorporates this recommendation as one of several objectives: • Improve management information systems for the benefit of students, faculty and the public; continuously improve technological capacities.

In response to these initiatives, the Financial System Task Force (FSTF), under the direction of the Chief Business Officers, is exploring opportunities for a new quality administrative system. The team’s Vision Statement and Guiding Principles express the goals for this effort. The FSTF has established several other teams to identify the necessary requirements of an administrative system and to develop a business analysis of alternative solutions. This phase of the project is to be completed by August 1996. In this information, you will find information on all of the teams and the project phases. Each team’s members and their e-mail addresses are identified. I encourage your participation in this project. Comments and questions can be directed to any team member. The success of this project is important in meeting the administrative needs of the University. Source:


Sieber, Siau, Nah, and Sieber

On a Monday morning in August 1998, Jim Buckler, project manager of the University of Nebraska’s Administrative System Project (ASP), was at his office in Lincoln, Nebraska, preparing for his weekly meeting with the project’s steering committee, the Financial System Task Force (FSTF). The ASP is an effort charged with implementing SAP’s R/3 client-server enterprise resource planning (ERP) product for the University of Nebraska’s multi-campus system. On this particular morning, Buckler and the steering committee were going to discuss a challenging issue that would impact the future of the project. This issue would also affect the potential future of the University of Nebraska’s business and finance functions as well as its human...
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