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Implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR) a Difficult Task Ahsun Jaat
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Electronic Health Records (EHR) are a system developed for doctors to document health records electronically as oppose to the old fashion way of writing everything down on paper and relying on memory to help patients with their medical problems (Ash 2004). Technology has now turned into need for almost every individual living in this world and has now made an impact on the manner doctors facilitate their work. Instead of writing prescript drugs and holding a document record of every patient’s medical history, this data can easily be stored into the computer so every doctor has access to it (Ash, 2004). Whether it is doctors, specialized doctors, nurses or any other individual who needs access to those records, the medical history is just a click away. Saving time and money is another crucial factor that the EHR ensures because the whole process would move to a more paper-less environment (Ash, 2004). Instead of doctors having to search for documented health records, they could now go onto the computer and electronically open up a patient’s health record in less than thirty seconds. In the long run, EHR will positively transform the health care sector but implementing this process will be a difficult challenge as many doctors do not want to change their traditional approach in the way they conduct their practises. For that reason, Canada should slow and steadily implement EHR’s in clinics and hospitals rather than having a fast approach.

The effect EHR’s have on Pharmacists and other Professions EHR’s eliminate a lot of problems pharmacists face such as making prescriptions easier to read. Pharmacists have difficulty in reading prescriptions due to the lack of eligible penmanship that doctors have (Drake, Teague, Gersing, 2005). Pharmacists are in some cases sending patients back to their doctors to have prescriptions re-written. If doctors print out prescriptions instead, pharmacists would have no trouble in reading what has been prescribed for their customers. Although EHR’s positively impact pharmacists and other professions that correlate with doctors in some shape of form, many doctors are still ignoring this process and sticking to the old way they carry on with their business (West, Blake, Liu, McKoy, Oertel, Carey, 2009). The reason for this is that many doctors around the world are old and have not been exposed to technology the way the new generation of people have so they continue to practise the way they normally do (West et al., 2009).

Doctors not familiar with technology and therefore, do not use it People that are most familiar with technology are the people who use it. In Canada and the U.S, the majority of doctors are over the age of forty-five and have not been exposed to technology at a young age (Zandieh, Yoon, Kuperman, Langsam, Hyman, Kaushal, 2008). In many cases, this is the reason that doctors do not want to change their traditional way of practising. They find it easier and faster to work with their hands as oppose to using computers for all their daily work (Miller et al., 2004). This is the key reason why doctors/physicians are not adopting EHR’s. They want to practise as fast as possible, and since the EHR’s does not comply with their requirements, they have a difficult time having faith in this system. In fact, only eighteen percent of physicians are currently using EHR’s in their offices on an insignificant basis and only one and a half percent of hospitals have EHR’s properly installed (Miller, Sim, 2004). Another 7.9% have a basic system installed but not the whole system in entirety (Miller et al., 2004). According to a doctor’s perspective, the faster that work is recorded into data, the better for them (Zandieh et al., 2008). Many doctors have EHR systems implemented in their clinics but do not use them on a...
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