Implementation of Hr in Pertamina

Topics: Project management, Problem solving, Management Pages: 5 (1242 words) Published: December 20, 2008

We choose a paper that discuss about the implementation of project management in PERTAMINA OEP PRABUMULIH, including the steps that is conduct in this company regarding the implementation of project management. Later in this paper, we will discuss the action that this company takes, both in overcoming the problem that it faced regarding the project management itself and the standardized steps required in conducting project management.

Moreover the paper that we discussed, is discussing the attempt to increase the oil and gas production based on proteleum engineering standards, that is known as Production enhancement, in PERTAMINA OEP PRABUMULIH, that supported by a good and integrated project management.

Brief summary and problem statement within the paper
PERTAMINA OEP PRABUMULIH has 32 active structures and 20 non active structures (including potentials structure that has not been developed yet). Within the structures that still active, there are only 3 structures that classified into new structures (new discovery), the rest of them is matured structures.

Problem that are faced especially for the old structures are: 1. The completeness of data and data management which are not at a good level yet. 2. Ratio between the numbers of engineers and the structures that are handled is not feasible enough. 3. Support from the supporting function which is not optimal yet.

Analysis and problem solving based on the case
In order to give solutions for those problems that mentioned above, especially in maintaining and developing those large numbers of projects with all of the constraints exist, the company conducting planning and strategy for a good and integrated project management.

In sequence the steps are including planning, implementation, and evaluation of the project. These steps are provided in project management that (based on the definition) is the application of knowledge, skills and tools on activities involved in a project, to fulfill the needs of the company and/or objectives of the project itself.

Later on we will discuss the steps in the subsection of the analysis.

1. Project Planning step
This section including: data assessment, forming the organization, and human resource allocation.

1. Data assessment
This steps including inventarization of the problems exist, including the availability of primary and supporting data, software/hardware needed and human resource, until the target or objective that is going to be met. From this step, hopefully the company can determine: • The value and volume of each job required • Quality and quantity of human resource that is available, • How prepared the software and hardware available is, and • What steps that are going to be taken to achieve the target that is entirely approved by each companies’ members. From the data assessment steps, the company has been decided and chosen several structures: • 3 new structures including Sopa, Tepus and Musi • 10 matured structures which are: Beringin, Kuang, Gunung kemala, Ogan, Talang Jima, Tanjung tiga, Tanjung miring barat, Benakat, Talang akar pendopo, Jirat and Jirat. From 13 structures above they are divided into 10 projects, based on the value and scope of the project and the target that is going to be achieved.

2. Forming organization and human resource allocation To support the run of the project management, the company needed to form an organizational structure that is fit with the need of the project (scope) and the target that is going to be achieved. For those needs, it is needed to formulate steps which including: •...
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