Impact of the Internet on Globalization

Topics: Business, Marketing, World Trade Organization Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: January 7, 2009

Communication is the key of globalization. Businesses large and small needed a way to advertise, sell, purchase, and enhance their product worldwide. What better way to accomplish this than through the use of the Internet. “The Internet provides a cheaper, faster and easier method of communication, an alternative that has created a ‘global audience’”, as mentioned by Renato Ruggiero, Director General of the World Trade Organization. How has this growing phenomenon of communication via the Internet impacted the world? Let’s examine one form business that it has impacted “farming”. In the past farming was just national business entity, but now because of the Internet it has gone global. Through the Internet the farmer can research what’s the best crops to plant and how often to rotate his crops. Over a hundred years ago most of these questions were answers by reading the “Farmers Almanac” a booklet that was sold over the counter. Today, that same booklet can be found access the Internet with more accessible and accurate information. The Internet allows the farmers to interact with this resource via email. Communication time length between the Department of Agriculture, local or state Farm Bureau and the actual farmer has been reduced from several weeks or days (dissemination information or to receive a response) to a matter of seconds. This can be accomplished because the speed in which information travels over the Internet is a matter of nanoseconds.

Farming like any other business is very competitive. You have to be an astute farmer to make a profit. Thanks to the Internet farmers now have the ability to connect with customers direct that is across the globe. The farmer now has a way to advertise and sell his product at a higher profit and purchase products that will enable him to produce a better quality product. The Internet provides resources as to what other uses his product can be use for...
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