Internet Spread & the Uniformity of Cultures

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Internet Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: July 28, 2010
The impact of the spread of the Internet on the uniformity of different cultures around the world Introduction
With the development of Internet technology and enormous needs of networking around the world, the Internet is becoming dominant appliance in many sections such as business, communication and education. The spread of Internet in some degree has influenced uniformity of different cultures. However, cultures are not geography boundaries, they should not be considered as a result from spread of the Internet. (Kaplan,2009)

There are several reasons for the rapid spread of the Internet. Firstly, with the economic and technological developments in recent years, the spread of Internet around the world has sped up. Secondly, the improvement of networks makes the Internet more convenient and accessible such as wireless technology. Finally, with the rapid growth of people’s computer literacy and globalization needs, the Internet is becoming prevalent in business and daily communication around the world.

Although there are numerous conveniences the Internet brought to our life, the spread of Internet in some degree influenced diversity or uniformity of different cultures around the world. In the following sections, we will focus on the causes and effects of uniformity of cultures resulted from the Internet and the importance of diversity of different cultures around the world.

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The spread of Internet has resulted in the uniformity of cultures and with the coexistence of providing an opportunity for maintaining different cultures worldwide. The spread of Internet influenced the cultural globalization in several aspects such as business modes, communication, and education. There are several reasons of uniformity of cultures worldwide. Firstly, the development of economic globalization has played an important role in last decades, which means e-business is becoming dominant in many countries and learning the global cultures especially...
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