Impact of Micro Enterprise Loan of Developments of Micro Enterprises in Bangladesh

Topics: Microfinance, Poverty, Microcredit Pages: 75 (25359 words) Published: January 21, 2012
Table of Contents
1.2Scope of the Study:7
1.3Methodology and Data Collection:8
2Institute of Microfinance (InM)13
2.4Governing Body14
2.5Current Governing Body of InM14
2.6General Body15
2.7Activities of the Institution:16
3Evaluation and Development of Microfinance Sector:20
4The Microfinance Sector In Bangladesh:25
4.1The Microfinance Regulation:26
4.2The Microfinance Institutions:28
4.3Microfinance Delivery Mechanism:29
4.4Microfinance Products:30
5Trends and Growth of Microfinance Program of MFIs:35
5.1Employment and Gender35
5.2Membership in MFI-NGOs37
5.3Trends in Lending Behavior39
5.4Intensity in Number of Loans:41
5.5Loans Disbursement:41
5.6Average Size of Loans Disbursed:41
5.7Recovery Rate:42
5.8Loans Outstanding:44
5.9Trends in Savings Mobilization46
5.10Net Savings per Member:46
5.11Savings withdrawal Rate:49
5.12Financing of Loans: Loan Revolving Fund50
6Microenterprise in Bangladesh54
6.1Definition of Microenterprise:54
6.2Role of Microenterprise in the Present Context of Economy:55
7Microenterprise Loan Demand Side Analysis59
7.2Sources of Finances:59
7.3Number of Employees or Labor:60
7.4Business Plan:61
7.5Governmental Aids and Regulations:61
7.6Financial Institutions:61
8Microenterprise Loan Supply Side Analysis64
8.1Major Providers of Microenterprise Loan:69
8.1.1Bangladesh Extensions Education Services:69
8.2BURO Bangladesh72
8.3Grameen Bank:73
8.3.2Terms and conditions:74
8.3.3Sectors covered:74
8.3.4Overview of microenterprise loan of Grameen Bank74
8.4ASA Bangladesh:76
8.4.1Small Business Loan Program:76
8.4.2Small Entreprenuer Lending:76
9Impact of Microenterprise loan on Income generation78
9.1Impact of Microcredit lending on the revenue of the microenterprises:78
9.2Impact of Loan Amount on the Microenterprise Revenue:80
9.3Impact of Training on the revenue of the microenterprises:82
10Case Study:86
10.1Success Story86
10.2Failure Story91
11Conclusion and Recommendations:97

List of Tables and Figures:
Table 1: Staff Strength and Growth of MFI-NGOs35
Table 2: Growth of Membership38
Table 3: Borrower and Member Ratio (%)39
Table 4: Average Loan Size (Tk)41
Table 5: Loan Portfolio Quality through recovery Rate41
Table 6: Loan Portfolio Quality - Overdue in Loans Outstanding42
Table 7: Loan Performance through Outstanding Loan Size (Tk.)43
Table 8: Net Savings Performance46
Table 9: Savings Withdrawal Rate (%)48
Table 10: Distribution of Cumulative Loan Fund by Sources50
Table 11: Sources of Finance of Microenterprises58
Table 12: Distribution of Loan by Stated Purpose:63
Table 13: Change in the Distribution of Loan by Stated Purpose:64
Table 14: Micro Enterprise Loan in Various Sectors (July 2008-June 2009) by BEES71
Table 15: Loan Disbursements by BURO72
Table 16: Microenterprise Loan by GB73
Table 17: Loan Disbursed to Male Borrower by GB74
Table 18: Loan Disbursed to Female Borrower by GB74

Figure 1: Percent distribution of Staff of MFI-NGOs by gender 200935
Figure 2: Percent distribution of Staff of MFI-NGOs by gender 200835
Figure 3: Trend in Credit Staff of MFI-NGOs36
Figure 4: Percent Distribution of Membership in MFI-NGOs by Rural and Urban Areas...
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