Role of Banking in the Economic Development of Bangladesh

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Good day jobseekers. What an exciting year 2010 has been so far! The UK had a general election earlier this year but have we voted in a new majority government? Well, no. For the first time in more than 35 years we have a coalition government in power, which is made up of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. They have wasted no time putting together a new list of bills making changes to all sorts of public services in a desperate bid to renew confidence in government and politicians, which has taken a severe beating over the past few years. The public has had enough of being spied on, over legislated and ripped off by greedy politicians, revealed as having claimed for all sorts of outrageous expenses and incensing the Great British populace. So, change is in the air; it’s early days but the coalition government has put in place measures to make government less centralised and place more power in the hands of the general public. This coupled with the urgent need to claw back billions to make up for the vast overspend resulting from the recession means there will be many public sector jobs affected, including within the NHS. However, at the moment it seems that those on the frontline of the health service will be unaffected for the time being but watch this space. With £20 billion to be saved in the next 4 years, just from within the NHS, it’s not going to be an easy ride.

Private hospital opportunities
We have previously mentioned the opportunities available at private hospitals around the UK and would like to draw your attention to some of the advantages that can be on offer at these institutions, which run in parallel and often in partnership with the National Health Service. With all the changes and cutbacks due to hit the NHS over the next year or two, it could be a very sensible decision to think about moving...
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