Impact of Electronic Media on Advertising

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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As the need for more efficient business practices arise in the area of business to consumer relationships, businesses in the 21st Century and beyond seek to explore new and effective advertising channels to drive services that will offer the opportunity for business expansion, profit maximization while at the same time ensuring consumer satisfaction. Traditional shopping activities require a lot of effort on the part of the consumer and include searching for parties interested in selling or buying products or services, comparing prices and other features of the product or service to enable consumers make an optimal purchase decision (Peppers et al 1997). To this end, the role of advertising cannot be overlooked. The globalization of the market is threatening virtually all retailers’ traditional customers who are now being served by a variety of physical and remote channels. That is why organizations the world over are now more than ever encouraged to spend more on advertising, not necessarily because others are doing it, but because they are doing so with commensurate returns on investment, utilizing the often reliable results of behavioral research which exposes the customers erstwhile hidden identity and the likely reactions to expect from such customers with the creation, packaging, presentation and distribution of products and services in a given way (Pine 1993).

Advertising has been described as a sales message; it does not just inform but sells. It helps move products and keeps business in business. Every time an advert arouses a consumer’s interest enough to result in a purchase it keeps a business going and helps secure the jobs of those who work there. Therefore, empirically based knowledge of consumer behavior is indispensable in any attempt to effectively sell products or services to any identified group of customers. Electronic Media Advertising is able to weave together every branch of human...
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