Impact of Drugs

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I would like to thank the people of Bhagans Drugs located in central Trinidad for providing information on the mentioned product. I would also like to thank my tutor Mr. W. Long for coaching us through the syllabus and for being persistent in seeing to it that we hand in our internal assessments early.

Problem Statement:

The impact of pharmaceutical drugs being used by students of A school in Chagauanas Trinidad and how it impacts on them.

Research Questions:

1). How do these drugs affect the studying habits of the students?

2). Will this affect their productivity levels in school?

3). Do these drugs have a profitable outcome on students?

4). Are the side effects of these products dangerous to the health of the students? Statement of the Problem:

According to the Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh students tend to abuse these drugs when exam time comes around because they want to cram all the work that they have done. This is a problem because of some of the side effects of these tablets such as the caffeine tablets which seem to increase energy but not to study but to be more active and is becoming a problem becauseitis affecting some students negatively and they end up having a sugar rush and then “crashing” in class because of lack of energy. The abuse of these drugs is becoming a regular thing because no one considers the after effects of these products. These drugs also have a way of breaking down a person’s mental functions and physical day to day activities. In some cases students have succeeded in passing exams butat what cost.

Educational Value:
This study will show the positive and negatives of the use of these products and how they will affect the study patterns of a student.

Literature Review:

According to the N.P.R. website these drugs are commonly used by secondary or college students to study and to students who have a studying disorder. They say that it will give students full concentration to study for hours and had them feeling excited to study. An example of this drug is Adderall and some college students say that this drug can also be addictive and can have serious effects on the functions on the brain’s reward system. According to the healthy horns website here are some of the negative effects of the drug Adderall: Side Effects – Irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, restlessness or tremor, anxiety or nervousness, headache, dizziness, insomnia, dryness of the mouth or unpleasant taste in the mouth, diarrhea or constipation, impotence or changes in sex drive. Overdose Symptoms–Possible symptoms of overdose include restlessness, tremor, rapid breathing, confusion, hallucinations, panic, aggressiveness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, and seizures According to Dr. Oz teens have atendency to abuse this drug in order to gethigh grades in examinations so he recommends that a normal cup of coffee will do just fine because these drugs can be quite addictive and can and will affect your brain function.

According to S. Hoesin students tend to use these addictive drugs mainly to study and at times as a social stigma to keep them up during social events such as parties, sports events, work meetings etc. The same point was made in the fact that all of these drugs are addictive and some of them can damage your brain’s normal functioning. According to L. Chinnery(2002) the drugs that some students use can have permanent effects on a person’s natural body functions for example over sweating and shortness of breath . According to L.A. Ali 2007 cxc biology withdrawal symptoms will occur because of the marginal utility or how much satisfaction they get from using these drugs and can be dangerous and hazardous to your life in some cases some people mix these pills with alcohol and as the...
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