Impact of Climate Change on Food Security

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Agricultural sector was the most important sector for the economy. It accounts for approximately 30% of the GDP. Agricultural export is a major source of export earnings and it is the main source of employment and livelihood in the rural areas. Agriculture consists of three sub-sectors: subsistence smallholder farming, a commercial sub-sector, and large plantations (Central Bank of Solomon Islands, 2006, Annual Report 2005). On the other hand, the climate of the Solomon Islands is changing and people are now experiencing increased in intensity or severity of extreme events like cyclones, storm surges, floods and droughts. These extreme events are causing substantial damage to agriculture and associated infrastructure with negative impact on food production. In which, There is increasing concern over the consequences of climate change on food production amongst the Pacific Island Countries, Solomon Islands for instance. Already, the changing weather patterns is having some effects soil fertility, pests and diseases, increased heat stress on plants, changes in rainfall and soil moisture, salt water incursion from rising sea-levels and increased damage on agriculture and crops from extreme weather events (Baragamu, G. 2008). Well, in this report it will focus on the effects of climate change on the agriculture expansion in Solomon Islands. However, the research will concentrate looked at the food security and land specifically apart from livestock, fisheries, and forestry as a part of agriculture as well. Besides, the research looks at how effects of climate changes affect land , and result in lessen of food crops such as taro, banana, sweet potatoes, Pineapple, coconut, and so on.

Statement of the problem
Well, this research project will mainly focus on the climate change and its effect on the agricultural expansion in SIDS. The problem that this research tried to find it out is that, how do the SIDS will cope with drastic effect of climate change if there is no enough land left for agriculture to expand, for example low-lying lands are covered due to sea-level rise Ontong Java for instances. And also what happened if the crops are affected due to increased of temperature, and humidity where it encourage the plants to die out due to lack of underground water, and also encourage of pests to damage the crops, whilst it lessen the agricultural productions in the country. It leads to downfall of the GDP of the economy, poverty that people will experience. In which it is a problem for Solomon Islands, therefore these research will investigate on the problem, and come with a possible solutions to help them to deal with problem.

Significance of the study

The significance of this research is that, to find out the most problems, and challenges that face by the Solomon Islands in terms of their agricultural expansion as result of climate change, and how it halt the agriculture development at the community basis or level and to provide some possible solutions to help them to cope with the changing climate.

The country had an estimated population of 508,000, there were nine provinces in the country Malaita is the most populous and Renbel the least populous. The population of Solomon Islands is predominantly Melanesian (about 95%) although there are smaller Polynesian, Micronesian, Chinese and European communities ( Solomon Islands national census statistic, 2007). Moreover, the economy is largely dependent on agriculture, forestry, and fishing. For a high proportion of the population (mainly village-based), the Solomon Islands economy involves the production of subsistence foods and other items for...
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