Impact of Change Management on Thistle Hotel, Uk

Topics: Management, Change management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 16 (4799 words) Published: September 15, 2011
(Case study - Thistle city Barbican, London, UK)



In the recent years, many businesses have undergone several organizational changes due to the rapid and continual increase innovation in technology that exposes organizational systems and processes, increase diverse markets and create opportunities for more growth and revenue through adequate knowledge of their needs and expectations in the marketplace which concedes employees and organization as a whole to experience rapid change like never before as they move freely within the organization.

The concept of organizational change involves making adjustments to achieve organizational goals more efficiently and effectively using business strategy to accomplish those overall goals set by the organization. Usually, organization undertakes some organizational transformation when its reaches a level of experiencing a substantial growth and development in their life cycle. Examples of organizational changes might include merger, introduction of new technologies, transition of new executives or directors in the case of Thistle City Barbican, restructuring operations, rightsizing and re-engineering.

According to some experts, organizational change is refer to as an organization wide change which may occur in numerous forms such as internal and external or uncontrollable changes (Harris & Hartman, 2001). Both the internal and external factors are discussed in this research using thistle city hotel to examine the importance and the adverse effect of organizational change or transformation on employees and organizational performance.

In spite of the importance of organizational change, most change initiatives has not been successfully implemented or fails to deliver the expected organizational goals as expected by the owner of the business as a result of poorly defined organizational objectives and project management skills while others but few of these initiative were successful in some organizations. The reasons for both a successful and unsuccessful implementations from different perspectives will be discuss in this research.

HISTORY: Overview
Thistle city barbican hotel is one of the leading UK hotel chained with several other hotels situated in the city centre, owned and managed by a group of people with the brand name- Guoman. This hotel was transformed from a gold mining establishment in 1954 when the company sold its gold mining activities that was originated in 1932 to start the operations of the hotels, restaurants, pubs and milk bars. In 1996, based on the floatation of the company stocks in the stock market, the company became Thistle hotels Plc from being called Mount Charlotte of 1988 (Employment handbook, 2008).

In 2002, under the long term management contracts Thistle Hotels Plc sold 37 out of its 68 hotels to a property development company thus, owned and managed on behalf of the new owners. The hotel was de-listed from stock market in 2003 as part of the international Hong Leong Group by BIL international limited as a result, became Thistle Hotels Ltd. The Hong Leong Group controls diverse range of businesses across the world and has helped Thistle hotels to accomplish its continuous vision to develop, grow and progress as the world class hotel management company across the globe (Employment handbook, 2008).

The purpose of this study is analysing the effectiveness of organizational change on Thistle hotel’s employees and its organization as a whole. As indicated above, the ultimate objective of this research is to identify and examine the intended and unintended consequences of this organizational change on the employees and organization performance. In addition, the study will evaluate how the reactions of workers to the initiations made at Thistle City Barbican Hotel was managed or in other words, controlled to achieve successful change implementation....
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