Impact of Business Environment

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The impact of business environment in today’s business

Business, now-a-days is vitally affected by the economic, social, legal, technological and political factors. These factors collectively form business environment. Business environment, as such, is the total of all external forces, which affect the organisation and operations of today’s business. The environment of an organisation has got internal, operational and general levels, managers must be aware of these three environmental levels and their relationship and importance. The term business environment implies those external forces, factors and institutions that are beyond the control of individual business organisations and their management and affect the business enterprise. It implies all external forces within which a business enterprise operates. Business environment influence the functioning of the business system.

Now we discuss the factors which have great impact over today’s business:

Economic dimensions of environment
Economic environment refers to the aggregate of the nature of economic system of the country, the structural anatomy of the economy to economic policies of the government the organisation of the capital market, the nature of factor endowment, business cycles, the socio-economic infrastructure etc. The successful businessman visualizes the external factors affecting the business, anticipating the prospective market situations and makes suitable to get the maximum with minimize cost. Social dimensions or environment

The social dimension or environment of a nation determines the value system of the society which, in turn affects the functioning of the business. Sociological factors such as costs structure, customs and conventions, cultural heritage, view toward wealth and income and scientific methods, respect for seniority, mobility of labour etc. have far-reaching impact on the business. These factors determine the work culture and mobility of labour, work groups etc....
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