Impact of an Online Education

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Impact of an online education

The premium of a college education at this day and age is enormous. The forecast for unemployment among those that hold advanced degrees will be significantly lower than that of non-degree workers. Living in a globalized society we need to have flexible access to higher education; it brings us to the realization of the important an online education. The future is clear that those without specialized degrees or training will struggle to find high wages, stable work environment, and career growth. Researching three different articles, I picked out a few ideas from each writer. These articles depict a quick view of why online education can be an invaluable asset. The first article was written by Dylan Matthews of the Washington Post “Investors love online education. If only employers did too”. In the article it was explained how investors dumped close to $400 million into education technology. Online education has been a rapidly growing sector within Silicon Valley, and with good reason. Since the price of brick and mortar learning has skyrocketed to leaps and bounds. Those that seek for a more budget friendly education has risen significantly; this is a result of the times. Everyone is trying to get ahead while being mindful of the money being spent. Given a weak economy and loss of blue collar jobs, a demand for advanced degree holders has never been so high.

The second article that I had briefly read was in It was an article by columnist Kayla Webley. This article showed of how unemployed college student with a degree still has a bright future ahead. She described issues of unemployed and underemployed college students. She noted how those young adults without degrees should consider looking into flexible online programs that allow full time work schedules while completing coursework on the weekends. Simply, even though those new graduates do not have jobs or are...