Opinions About Online Schools

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Online Schools
As today’s society goes on, more and more things are starting to modernize, including how we learn in school. Yes, there is still traditional school (books, pen, paper, etc.) but even traditional school has some technology. In addition to the changes in traditional school, the way we go to school has become modernized. When in college you no longer have to wake-up and go to a class filled with students, you can get a degree at home in your pajamas! Yep, that’s exactly what I said. Today you can obtain a degree in the comfort of your own home!

Think about it. Are online schools really that great of an idea? Yes they provide single parents the ability to get a degree and nurture children, and yes they allow anti-social students to stay within their comfort zones, but are they really helping other college students? My personal opinion is no. I think online colleges are not as rewarding as traditional schooling. First of all, it makes students lazier. They won’t have a reason to leave the house, so they won’t. Attending school online could cause someone to become socially dysfunctional, sluggish, and unaware of the opportunities waiting for them outside of the walls of their home. Online colleges can also deprive students from the movement and experience of an actual college lifestyle. Online schools also leave you wondering if you’re getting a genuine college degree. Sometimes schools aren’t always licensed colleges. Basically what I’m saying is, you could spend lots of time and money on something that’s not even real. There are several creditable colleges out there, but there are also a great number of phony online colleges. Wondering if you really have a college degree or not is something you shouldn’t have to ever think about. Lastly online colleges won’t provide you with as much knowledge for a specific career as possible. There’s just no way you can learn through e-mails and automated instructors. Without an actual...
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