Impact Humans Put on the Carbon Cycle

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: August 17, 2012
Human are the ones putting a huge impact on the carbon cycle. Humans are tearing apart important animal territory. they are tearing down trees and moving plants, in order to add house, expand and make buisneses. Since they are expanding the area and then bringing in more humans in return we use more of our fossil fuels increasing the carbon dioxide into the air. For example just recently near my house the were adding on to the hospital. That involves clearing out acres and acres of land just to begin the process of laying foundation. While doing this the construction companies used a lot of heavy machinery that released carbon dioxide into the air. Once construction was complete they did replant some plants and trees all around the building and parking lot, not as many as there were but they at least attempted to add some back in the area. Phosphorus is in fertilizers that us humans use. Phosphorus mines are found all over the United States and humans turn it into products, such as fertilizer, detergents, animal feeds as well as other products.When we use a lot of phosphorus we are taking the chances of it ending up somewhere. That some where is usually in bodies of water. Lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans, which can not be healthy for the animals. When it gets into the water it can cause algae and bateria growth to increase, not only is that too much for the fish to live in, but phosphorus alone can kill the fish. When farmers use fertilizer what contains phosphorus it eventaully gets washed away from watering the crops as well as rain. Where does water run? Into bodies of water, the bodies of water such as again lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. This makes a unhealthy water enviroment for the fish damaging the water and can harm and or kill the fish. The fish are usually used as a food source for families and they are now not a healthy source of food. When it comes to nitrogen, humans again have a large impact. Human are crop...
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