Immigration to the United States and New World

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The pieces I have chosen to write about are "Immigration Reform And Workers Right", "A New World Full Of Strangers" and " What Does An Illegal Immigrant Look Like".

All three of these pieces are about immigration and immigration experiences. They all focus on the disadvantages of being an immigrant and mention the negative life of abuse and exploitation that an immigrant is affected by. Even though they all can be categorized under the same broader heading, they are however also still different in the sense that they tell different stories and are written with different techniques and structure. One of the pieces is about immigration reform, the other is about the experiences of an immigrant child and the last is about the way immigrants are described.

There are different techniques used by each of the writers of the pieces. The writer of the article "Immigration Reform And Workers Right", used the persuasive technique, by the way he stated the negative impact of being and illegal immigrant can cause , such as lowering the cause of labor. While the writer of "A New World Full Of Strangers", used the first person technique and the poet chose to used the descriptive technique. The writer of this shot story also used figurative speech when she described the door as a cage.

The only piece that used statistic and data is the article on immigration reform. The writer included the results of a report that done by a coalition of labor, immigrant and human rights group.

The writer of the of the short story seems to be writing of personal experiences, while the poet of the poem , " What Does An Illegal Immigrant Look Like", uses a lot of figurative speech to describe immigrants.

From reading these pieces...
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