Immingrants to the New World

Topics: Slavery, Indentured servant, Indenture Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Adedolapo Agiri

In the first document, The German emigrant, Johannes hanner wrote a letter to his family back in Switzerland describing the life he lived in the new world, in which he states “We have a free country” (hanner 52). In America, a person can do whatever they want. Johannes does not have to pay taxes and there is no shortage of food. A person can buy land without asking someone whether they can buy or lease land. Other immigrants, such as gottlieb mittelberger, experienced the hardship of coming to the new world. Gottleib Mittelberger was a German school teacher and organ player who came to the new world as a indentured servant. “During the voyage there is on board these ships terrible misery, stench. Fumes, horror, heat, constipation, boils, scurvy, cancer, mouth rot, and the like, all of which come from old and sharply-salted food and meat, also from very bad and foul water, so that many die miserably” (Mittelberger 54). Women were often thrown overboard with their child because they either could not give birth or died on the ship. “Children from one to seven rarely survive the voyage: parents often watched as their children were thrown into the ocean. Once the ship has landed, no one is allowed to leave unless you had paid for passage and must wait to be purchased.

Elizabeth Springs wrote to her father of the life of indentured servitude. “Scarce anything but Indian corn and salt to eat and even begrudged nay many Negroes are better used” (Springs 58). What accounts for their different experiences is that they each came to the new world in different ways. Johannes bought his right of passage so he didn’t experience the hardships of servitude. Gottlieb experience the voyage of indentured servants while Elizabeth experienced the living conditions of the servants.

Adedoalpo Agiri
Chapter 4 Review

1. Father juniper Serra was a controversial and significant figure in which he created nine missions...
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