Imapct of Technology

Topics: History of the Internet, Psychology, Attention span Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Impact of Technology
Click, scroll, type, and search have all become everyday actions. The average person’s life has become revolved around technology. People use technology for almost everything. They communicate, learn, and are entertained, all with the use of the internet or a cell phone. Though how is this affecting our intelligence? Technology has made everything so simple and easy that we almost don’t have to think anymore and are becoming technology dependent.

Though many people agree that the incredible use of technology is not a good thing, there are also many people who disagree. “For many, the internet represents freedom of expression and renewed prospects for energetic citizenship” (Govier 1). People can express themselves on the internet. There is no one editing their writing like in newspapers or books. There is no waiting months or years for publication. There is no one monitoring their writing. People have the opportunity be free and express themselves online. The internet, though free, is very distracting. A person may go on there to find one thing and is distracted by opportunities for doing something else. In an article by ScienceDaily they wrote “clicking and scrolling interrupt our attentional focus”. This is true, it disturbs our mental appreciation and makes staying focused very difficult, which is not good when trying to become educated in a classroom. “Turning and touching the pages influence our ability for experience and attention” (Mangen 1).

Though many people believe this, they will not stop the use of their technology. Why is this? One reason is because people are lazy. We want to find the fastest and easiest way to do things. Without technology, everything we know is so much harder. It has always been a goal to make life as simple as can be and to have little or no effort needed. Another reason is because “Paper-and-ink books are more expensive to produce and more difficult to disseminate, search, and recycle” (Di Leo 1). It...
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