"Imagine You Are in the Year 2021. Look Back on Your Life over the Last Ten Years and Describe

Topics: 2008 albums, Civil engineering Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Now, we’re in year 2021. I have some memorial about my last ten years. I have started my bussiness ten years ago. At first, I have had a construction company. We had some contract in civil work such as building some bridge. But, my bussiness was not as success as I’d thought. But I still ran it. I thought I have a little experience in bussiness so I failed. But if I work hard, I will find the way to success. I have changed something in the way we work and the way I manage the bussiness. I took some another contract and through out some bad contract. After few years, I managed the bussiness over the problem. I have had study a famous MBA program and finished it ater few years. It was a hard time for me. After that, I had some good experience and knowegde in bussiness. I had decided to expand my bussiness to different side. I don’t want to have risk because of single bussiness. I have decided to have bussiness in restaurant. I had a restaurant that I designed it with my experience. I’d traveled a lot. So I want to build a restaurant in traditional of another country. I want to bring some new thing, new way of service, new food, new taste and new style to my country. Of course, I have worked hard to build it. I find everything was wrong and fix it. I had worked 16 hours a day and have no sunday nor vacation. I want to be success. I had success. Now, I have some restaurant in a chain in my city. And I decide to expand my chain to some another city in my country. In the last two year, we have surveyed and design some new restaurant in some another city. I hope it will be success. And now, I want to get some another bussiness. I don’t want to stop my success. I still think about new thing to invest. I hope I will find it soon.
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