Ilm Developing Yourself and Others

Topics: Human resource management, SWOT analysis, Learning Pages: 9 (2722 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Section 1: Know how to identify development needs
1.1 Identify own learning style(s) and the learning style(s) of another team member

To identify the learning and development style of myself and a team member we both completed a Multiple Intelligence (MI) test developed by Howard Gardner.

After completion of the test on myself I have discovered that I have a learning style of Logical – Mathematical, with a majority score of 37, closely followed by Interpersonal with a score of 32, (see Appendix 1).

People who are strong in logical-mathematical intelligence are good at reasoning, recognising patterns and logically analyse problems. These individuals tend to think conceptually about numbers, relationships and patterns. Characteristics of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence are: * Excellent problem-solving skills

* Enjoys thinking about abstract ideas
* Likes conducting scientific experiments
* Good at solving complex computations

The conclusion of the test does not come as a revelation to me. As I am the Finance & HR Manager with an accounting qualification this examination confirms my knowledge and learning style as being logical thinking with ability to evaluate and solve problems. During the course of my career and training aspects I believe that I learn and develop in a methodical and analytical way. I execute mathematical calculations, detecting irregularities and patterns, creating resolutions to issues that have been identified, plus producing a strategy to achieve successful working systems within my role.

After completing the MI test myself I then requested a member of my team (Jane Doe) to complete the same learning styles questionnaire to see what type of style they were. On completing the questionnaire she scored equally in 3 areas; Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical and Intrapersonal, (see Appendix 2)

People who are strong in linguistic intelligence are able to use words well, both when writing and speaking. These individuals are typically very good at writing stories, ability to learn languages, memorizing information and reading. They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and by discussing and debating about what they have learned. The characteristics of Linguistic Intelligence are as follows: * Good at remembering written and spoken information

* Enjoys reading and writing
* Good at debating or giving persuasive speeches
* Able to explain things well
* Often uses humour when telling stories

Individuals who are strong in intrapersonal intelligence are good at being aware of their own emotional states, feelings and motivations. They tend to enjoy self-reflection and analysis, including day-dreaming, exploring relationships with others and assessing their personal strengths. The characteristics of Intrapersonal Intelligence are: * Good at analysing their strengths and weaknesses

* Enjoys analysing theories and ideas
* Excellent self-awareness
* Clearly understands the basis for their own motivations and feelings
1.2 Use a simple technique to identify own development needs and the development needs of another member of the team

To identify any development needs that would enhance my current skills and abilities I decided to complete a development needs analyses in the form of a SWOT analysis (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats). Strengths: * Very organised and meticulous with excellent prioritisation skills * Always willing to help others, friendly and approachable * Ensures protocol is followed by me and others at all times * Quick learner * Conscientious * Finance / Accounts * Excellent communication skills with all levels of people| Weaknesses: * Expect others to be very tidy and meticulous like myself * Sometimes try to take on too much work, as I don’t like to say no * Forget people have different learning speeds * Perfectionist * Health...
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