Iic Sammy Case

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  • Published: November 27, 2011
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  In Sammy’s case, there are a couple of problems that she has. I am going to illustrate them and suggest some possible solutions.

  First of all, I’ve found that Sammy is getting lost in herself. She is confused by the question of “Who am I?” She doesn’t understand herself clearly as she even doesn’t know what she likes and dislikes. It reflected that Sammy has a problem in knowing herself; therefore, Sammy seems do not have a clear goal in her life. Hence, when she got an unsatisfactory result in her public exam, she didn’t have her own decision to determine what to do. She made choice without giving much thought and just fulfilling what her parents want her to do instead of making her own decision it leads to another problem.

Apart from this, she also has low self-esteem. I can see that Sammy keep comparing herself to others such as her classmates, her elder sister, her cousin and so on. She is lack of confidence and can not value for whom she is She just feels that everyone around her is better than her. She does not know how to appreciate herself, and just repine at her own. She thinks that she is not good as others. It revealed that the value she places on herself is a bit low.

  Last but not least, Sammy has a communication problem with her family obviously. She rarely talk to her parents peacefully, and after they have a quarrel once, Sammy even just keeping her mouth shut and respond to her parents with a blank face and silence. In the course of time, the relationship between Sammy and her parents become worse as they don’t have good communication. Instead, Sammy seems avoiding to communicate with her parents since she didn’t know how to express her feelings in a correct way. In order to solve al these problems, I am going to suggest some possible solution to Sammy.

  To solve Sammy’s problem, firstly, she need to know more about herself. There are four developmental areas of self (Hanna, Suggett, & Radtke, 2007) including physical self, mental self, emotional self and social self. Sammy needs to be aware of the mental self. Mental self can help her to establish her thought-processing patterns, beliefs etc. By knowing the mental self, Sammy can learn critical and creative thinking which help her to learn a deeper thinking, to try examining the logic of differing things so that she can explore herself more by digging and thinking deeper. Besides, creative thinking also helps when Sammy think about ideas in different ways and generate a variety of solutions to problems. These two thinking is important to Sammy as she didn’t think much and process others’ opinion but just follow what people want her to do. Also they may help her to find out want she is pursuing in her life.

  In order to solve the problem of low-esteem, Sammy needs to discover her self-concept in deed. The self-concept is the totality of your thoughts and feelings with reference to yourself and is the foundation on which almost all your actions are based (Rosenberg, 1979). The self-concept consists of self-descriptions, ideal self, and self-esteem or self-worth. As Sammy keep comparing herself to other, it reflects that she is not satisfied with her actual self. Maybe Sammy’s ideal self is too prefect, therefore, she always compare herself to her ideal self. However, she found that it is very different, that’s why her self-esteem is low. Self-esteem is important as it affect many specific areas of life. One of the areas it affects is academic success. Studies have found a significant positive correlation between self-esteem and grade-point average(Baker, Beer, and Beer 1991). Therefore, building self-esteem can help Sammy to deal with her academic problem. However, how to build self-esteem? Thoughts-changing may helps. Sammy’s better think more positive instead of keep comparing and pursuing the ideal self. She should try to strengthen what she is good at rather than magnifying what she is weaker than others.

  For the last...
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